New position at the Arizona Daily Wildcat

I remember the first time I ever walked into the newsroom of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. I was intimidated and yet unbelievably excited for the opportunity to write for a daily newspaper, to ply my classroom trade in a real world setting. Well, one year and several different positions later, I have been named the News Editor for the Spring 2011 semester.

In many ways, I suppose this was the next logical progression in my employment at the Wildcat. I started out as a news reporter covering student government and faculty senate, and worked my way up to an assistant editor covering higher education and administration, a beat my former editor (and now editor-in-chief) Michelle Monroe called “the football of the news desk.” I even got some extra seasoning this last summer, when I served as the opinions editor.

However, despite the fact that I do not feel there is any way I could have possibly prepared myself better for the opportunity, I still am equal parts stunned and humbled by it. As a freshman, I read the Wildcat everyday, and one day hoped to have the honor to write for it. Now I have been charged with ensuring the success and progression of an entire desk.

The laundry list of people I can attribute even this meager modicum of success to is extensive, but there are some people I feel I need to single out:

Mein editor, Michelle Monroe, for always pushing me to be my best, and for encouraging me to dig deeper in all my stories. Oh, and for hiring me as a reporter. And as an editor. I know that you will continue to be a fount of support and knowledge in your new position as Editor-in-Chief.

My Wonder Twin, Bethany Barnes, and my good friend Jazmine Woodberry, for always being available to lend a helping hand to my articles and a listening ear to my madness, and for agreeing to be party to my madness as assistant editors next year. I’m counting on you both, but I know I could not wish for anyone better suited to the task.

All the reporters from last year who agreed to stay on staff: Brenna Goth, Steven Kwan, and Lucy Valencia. It is because of you that I have no doubt we will achieve even our loftiest goals.

All Wildcatters, past and present, especially Matt Lewis, for always taking time to help me improve and focus my writing and reporting,  Lisa Beth Earle, for being ready and willing to help the news desk look mighty fine, and Laura Donovan, for being my stabilizing force, a co-conspirator in many schemes, and the best mentor anyone could ever ask for.

My good friend Danemo, who always can put things in perspective even when I’m at my lowest and least confident, and my equally good friend Rebecca, who always keeps me on my toes and is willing to banter philosophy with me via text message.

Mark Woodhams, for his special brand of constructive criticism, even if it was often more critical than constructive.

All my professors, past, present, and future.

And, of course, my mother, for always telling me to make my own way in this crazy world, and for proofreading and offering constructive criticism on countless pieces, most of which in hindsight were probably pretty painful to endure. You are my strength and my inspiration, I love you mom.

And anyone who has ever read, commented, given me feedback, or trashed one of my articles. That’s what this job is really all about.

That’s quite enough mushiness for one post I think. Here’s to hitting the ground running next semester!


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