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I started work as a staff writer at The Santa Clarita Valley Signal newspaper shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona.

While in school I worked at the student newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat, interned at the Arizona Daily Star — the daily newspaper in Tucson — and also wrote for the Tombstone Epitaph as part of a journalism class.

Below is a selection of some of my work from each.

Cumulative voting pitched for SCV


Lake communities rebuild after Powerhouse Fire

Newhall Land, judge trade salvos

California’s problematical special elections

Developing the East Side series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4



UAEureka: How do the UA’s recent tuition increases stack up against its peer universities?
When the Arizona Board of Regents approved the UA’s tuition proposal during its meeting in April 2012, it marked the first time since 1991 that the resident undergraduate tuition rate did not increase.

Bike Valet still free for patrons a year after inception
More than 11,000 bikes vie for parking on campus every day. Despite this, the Bike Valet alternative bike-parking program continues to work to gain traction with students.

Obama pushes for unity in wake of shootings
Standing before an audience of more than 13,000 in McKale Center, with an almost equal number watching via video from the nearby Arizona Stadium, President Barack Obama took a thoughtful pause.

Higher goals for higher ed
If the Arizona Board of Regents has its say, there will be twice as many Arizona college graduates 10 years from now.


‘Junk food’ peddled on county premises gets fat unwelcome
Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry wants all unhealthy foods removed from vending machines on county property in order to encourage healthy eating habits for employees. (PDF)

Action urged on puppy sales
A Tucson animal rights activist organized protests against a pet store that allegedly purchased animals from puppy mills — large corporate-run breeding farms.

Seeking prosperity, finding a problem: Kevin Rudd looks to go with the flow
Rudd, a Tombstone neophyte by way of Tucson, Scottsdale and the Florida Keys, was charged with keeping the town from drying up after fires and landslides wrecked the town’s aging water infrastructure. (PDF)

Photo by Luke Money.

Dragging ass to Tombstone
Mike Benjamin, along with his 21- year old donkey, Zeke, walked more than 20 miles to raise awareness about abuses to donkeys in the area. (PDF, story on page 2, photos by me)



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