Personal writing

I find creative writing helps me find new ways to hone my craft as a journalist. That, and sometimes I just plain enjoy it. This page hosts some of my non-journalistic writing that I’ve posted.

The politicalization of tragedy
Looking through the lense of my experiences covering the Jan. 8 shooting in Tucson, I try to examine why the first reaction in such events seems to be speculating on the political leanings of the accused.

Who says you can’t go home? Well, I used to
Like many, I graduated into the ranks of the unemployed when I graduated from college. After a while, I moved back home and had to tackle the feelings of failure and self-doubt.

The drive to drive, or lack thereof
I somehow got through college without ever having a driver’s license. I guess I really just enjoyed bumming rides off people.

My first foray into role playing (no, not like that)
I may be a pretty big nerd, but even I was intimidated the first time I tried playoing Dungeons & Dragons.

Hesitating in the wings
Being named editor-in-chief of the Daily Wildcat was one of the proudest, and most nervewracking experiences of my life.